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Our Mission Statement

‘To be the best in helping our students be their best’.


We aim to be constantly updated and skilful in imparting effective strategies so that our
students can unravel their learning difficulties and challenges into clarity and understanding. With renewed confidence and determination, they can minimise their learning challenges and maximise their potentials.

Our Story

“What would you say if you were called to raise children, not only of the church, but of the world?”
Rosina heard this calling within her while she was travelling on board the plane from New Zealand to Singapore one day, back in 1998. She could not then comprehend what this message meant but held it close to her heart. In the year 2000 Rosina decided to make a career switch, to pursue her passion to help children with learning difficulties and so started her teaching career. It was when she was tutoring in a remedial learning needs centre from March 2005 to June 2009, that she realised the meaning of the message and that is, to help raise her students’ confidence not only in themselves but also in the subjects taught to them. Indeed the students whom she taught were also from all over the world.  In July 2009, Rosina set up Cornerstone Learning Needs Centre, to continue to pursue her passion further.


Todate, Cornerstone Learning Needs Centre has grown over the years, especially through the kind support of parents and educational psychologists.


At Cornerstone Learning Needs Centre, most of our students stayed on with us for years, and we have the privilege to watch them blossom over the passage of time.

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