Welcome to Cornerstone Learning Needs Centre

Cornerstone Learning Needs Centre is a remedial educational centre for students (aged 5-18 years) with learning challenges and those who display difficulties in learning English, Literacy, Maths and Science.

The learning challenges and difficulties faced by our students are :




Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder/

Attention Deficit Disorder

Specific Language Impairment

Mild Autism

Global Developmental Delays

and any other academic challenges


From our experience, students who faced difficulties with their studies, due to a different learning and thinking style, have also benefited from our one-to-one coaching.  We recognise and understand that every student learns in a unique way and at a different pace.


At Cornerstone, we work with both local and international students and prepare them for the academic school examinations, Primary School Leaving Examinations, GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ Levels, IB, IGCSE. In addition, we cater to students from special schools.


We also recognise the important role of our students’ parents and guardians in sharing the responsibility in helping our students overcome their learning difficulties.  As such, we work closely with them and share with them strategies and activities for home support. 

School Children

School Children